What is Service?

Our literature says that our primary purpose in Narcotics Anonymous is to carry the message to the addict who still suffers. We do this by being of service. Service comes in many forms and can be undertaken by anyone.

The PR Basics pamphlet contains material from the Public Relations Handbook which has been simplified. It was designed for members who are considering PR service and desire to gain a basic understanding of PR principles.
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The H&I Basics pamphlet contains a simplified version of the information contained in the H&I Handbook and has been recently updated to reflect current service practices.
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The Public Relations Handbook is a service tool which encompasses various facets of NA public relations including planning, the media, criminal justice professionals, treatment, healthcare, phonelines, internet technology, event planning, fellowship development, and government.
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Much of the Public Relations Handbook’s support material is updated regularly to meet the changing needs of our public relations service efforts. The resource material includes:
View Chapter 2: Core Public Relations Principles
View Chapter 3: Effective Services/Planning
View Chapter 4: Preparation and Training for Interacting with the Public
View Chapter 5: Media
View Chapter 6: Criminal Justice
View Chapter 7: Treatment
View Chapter 9: Phonelines
View Chapter 10: Internet Technology
View Chapter 11: Event Planning
View Chapter 12: Fellowship Development

Our 24 Hr Phoneline service is staffed by members of NA who want to help the still suffering addict. If you are interested in becoming a Phoneline Volunteer please check out the Volunteer Packet and attend your local Divisional PR Orientation.
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The Hospitals & Institutions Handbook was developed based on extensive input from H&I Subcommittees throughout the fellowship, this handbook contains material and suggestions that will work in most H&I settings.
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Hospitals & Institutions: (H&I) is an important service in our Public Relations efforts in NA. Our PR Subcommittee carries the NA message of recovery to addicts who, due to incarceration or institutionalization, do not have full access to regular Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

If your are interested in getting involved in the Grays Harbor PR Committee please attend your local PR meeting or the Area PR Committee Meeting.

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